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The teasers of Ishq e Laa created much buzz over the weekend as Azaan Sami Khan surprised drama lovers with his calm and composed acting skills in the first look. Not many expected that the musician will be able to impress, especially alongside two powerhouses like Sajal Aly and Yumna Zaidi. However, Azaan’s debut project appears to be a intriguing story and his character seems interesting. Soon after, HUM TV has also released the official OST of the drama giving us more snippets of the trio.

It is composed and sung by Azaan Sami Khan, who is no stranger to love ballads as he has composed memorable songs like Ghalat Fehmi and Bekaraan (Superstar), Behka Na (Parey Hut Love), Thaam Lo (Parwaaz Hai Junoon) and many more. The highlight of Ishq e Laa’s OST is that it is a soothing ballad featuring shots of Azaan (Azlan) and Sajal (Shanaya) at picturesque locations. The visual treat adds more to the composition and lyrics by Asim Raza.


Ishq e Laa

Sajal as Shanaya and Azaan as Azlan


The OST, like all drama OSTs, reveals much more about the storyline. While Sajal and Azaan’s on screen chemistry is undeniably refreshing, Yumna’s character is shown as a househelp in Azlan’s home, who is also studying medicine. The timeline of events is quite confusing, however, the probability of a tragedy (hint: mazaar and malang) in this drama is the most shocking aspect of this OST video.

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Ishq e Laa

Yumna Zaidi


Written by Qaisera Hayat and directed by Amin Iqbal, Ishq e Laa will air on HUM TV soon. Watch the video here, but be aware that it has spoilers: