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Aymen Saleem made her acting debut in the hit Ramazan drama serial Chupke Chupke and became famous for her character, Mishi. She is an Ivy League graduate and also has a Guinness World Record to her name, however, through acting, she reached new heights of fame and received a lot of love from her fans.

Despite receiving so much appreciation with just debut drama, Aymen has shocked fans by sharing her decision to quit acting.

“It is with deep gratitude that I’d like to share that I will no longer be acting,” she revealed on Instagram, thanking for the love and acceptance she has received.

“I have tremendous love and respect for the industry,” she continued adding that she will stay connected. “I will keep you all posted with what’s next! So much love, always,” Aymen concluded.



The news has shocked her fans who were looking forward to her upcoming ventures as an actor.



In an interview with Something Haute, Aymen had said that she is overwhelmed with the feedback on Chupke Chupke and wants to continue working.

“Yes, the response is very good and I’m reading a lot of scripts. I am considering a few at the moment; Arslan and I are getting a lot of offers as a pair because #HaShi is quite popular these days. So, we would like to read scripts and consider good projects as we owe it to our fans and we don’t want to disappoint them,” she said.

While we would have loved to see her grow as an actor, we wish her all the best for her future!