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Asim Abbasi, the director of mega hit projects like Cake and Churails, has proven himself with his body of work. It is a honour for any actor to be cast in his projects which are generally loved for strong storylines and well-crafted characters. Asim is currently working on a new untitled web series for Zee5 starring Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed. However, he recently took to Instagram and praised a new actor and we wonder if he is part of the same series or is it an entirely different project.

Khushhal Khan is a model turned actor who is only three projects old. He has done drama serial Qissa Meherbano Ka and Bebasi, as well as telefilm Aik Hai Nigar.

“Perhaps the single biggest joy in what I do is getting to work with an eclectic mix of vulnerable, perceptive, and ultimately, incredible human beings, we call ‘actors’. Real people who embody the souls of fictional characters and in the process, render themselves emotionally bare in front of strangers,” he wrote with a picture of Khushhal, who appears to be a labourer or a miner.

“No words of mine will ever do justice to their talent or their hard work, but this is just my way of saying thank you to all those who are a part of our new series for Zindagi and Zee5. First and foremost, Baby K (better known to the world as Khushhal Khan). I am honoured that he said yes to me,” he added.



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Asim went on to praise Khushhal for his eagerness to learn and perform better than the previous day.

“And I am honoured that he came to set, every day, eager to learn, and to outdo himself. This kind of hunger is not learnt, nor is it something one puts on for show. It is an innate, instinctual ability that comes naturally to the very best amongst us. And it always came naturally to Khushhal. Love you, K. May you always be a chameleon. And may you always stay you,” he ended the note with a wish.

Not just Asim but Sanam Saeed also wished the same for Khushhal.

“Yes, KK may you always be the way you are now,” she commented on the post.

Khushhal also posted a thank you note on his Instagram feed with similar pictures.

“ALHAMDULILLAH. Asim Abbasi, thank you soo much for making me a part of this. And believing in me. You were very kind to me. I’ve learned a lot from you. I cannot thank you enough. Love you,” he wrote.



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“And to every single person who was a part of this project, Thank you soo soo much. I’m honoured to have met you guys and had a chance to work with you all. Miss you guys. And wish to see you very very soon. PS: Y’all are gonna love this one!”

Both Asim and Khushhal used hashtags #LimboLand and #BeyondTheMountains in their posts which might be a hint towards the series title.

Keep watching this space for more updates.

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