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It is uncommon for an actor to make his acting debut as a supporting character, yet manage to make his presence felt and earn a huge fan following the way Asad Mumtaz Malik has in the currently airing drama, Parizaad.

Right after the first scene, Guru became a favourite among the fans. What’s even more unusual is that Asad has been part of the industry for almost two decades, yet it was only now that he got discovered as a performer/actor.

Speaking to Hassan Choudary of Something Haute, Asad shared details about his dream to become an actor as a young boy, his journey from a wedding photographer to becoming the Director of Photography and creating magic in dramas such as Daam and Alif. He also spoke at length about how he got the chance to play Guru in Parizaad and other details.


Hassan Choudary and Asad Mumtaz Malik


Despite the fact that Asad always wanted to become an actor, he shared that he did not immediately sign the first project he was offered. “I took a week to say yes to Parizaad,” he shared. “I kept thinking. Discussed it with my wife and kids.”

Asad went on to share that he was afraid of being in front of the camera. “I was shy. Everyone is afraid to face the camera for the first time and it was the same case with me.”

“Since I had such a long experience of around 25 years behind the camera, I knew I would pull it off but there is always a little hesitation involved,” he further confessed.

Asad added that Guru was a challenging character to play and that is exactly what motivated him to sign the project. “Getting such a challenging character for your debut is a blessing for any actor.”

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