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There are another 7 to 8 episodes left to the immensely popular TV serial Khaani and while we initially thought that the climax was the showdown between Mir Hadi (Feroze Khan) and Khaani (Sana Javed), a chance meeting with Khaani director Anjum Shahzad confirmed that the story is about to explode.

We met Anjum Shahzad at Feroze Khan’s Valima last night and while the director smiled and refused to respond to half our questions, he did give us a few threads to hang on to.

“Khaani will get more intense as it nears its end,” he said. “The intensity will reach its peak; Hadi’s and otherwise too.”

We started discussing the fact that everyone wanted a fairy tale ending but a ‘happy ending’ in the conventional sense of the word did not and could not apply here.

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Feroze Khan with Anjum Shahzad


“It won’t be clichéd at all, as most drama endings tend to be,” Anjum clarified. “It will be a very realistic end. People might be expecting a happy ending but the same people also question such endings.”

Would the viewers be satisfied with the ending, considering they now want forgiveness for Mir Hadi and for Khaani to accept him as the love of her life?

“People are never satisfied, 40% will say one thing and 60% will say another.”

Dramas like Humsafar have reshot last episodes on popular demand. Is that an option Anjum Shahzad would be looking into?

“Yes, it is always an option but in Humsafar he (Asher Hussain, the hero, played by Fawad Khan) hadn’t killed anyone. We are thinking about the end according to the people’s feedback. But before the end, there are still some very interesting and realistic events that are going to take place in Khaani now.”

Right now we’re just hoping for the normalisation of distribution of GEO Entertainment so the producers release a new episode on Monday.