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If there’s an upcoming drama that everyone has their expectations tied to, it has to be Aangan, featuring a star-studded cast. Set to air this year, it includes Yaqeen Ka Safar star Ahad Raza Mir along with Sajal Aly, Mawra Hocane, Ahsan Khan and Sonya Hussyn.

“Jameel is the most confusing character I have ever played,” Ahad told Instep in an exclusive interview.“He is a poet, he is a politician, he’s somebody who is on a journey of what love means, what family bonds mean, somebody who is actually quite relatable to everyone out there.”

While Ahad has shared the screen with Sajal in Yaqeen Ka Safar, he has also starred with Mawra in Sammi; it will now be interesting to see all three share the screen.

Ahad reveals that he will be playing opposite Sajal and Mawra, however, you cannot call it a love triangle.

“Aangan follows the story of multiple beautiful characters; it is about everybody involved and not just one person. Partition is kind of a theme but it’s about partition at home and how families are affected by partition; the partition between father and son, partition between lovers, and so on.”

However, Ahad does share a special bond with costar and friend Sajal, he reveals “We work in similar ways; our understanding of how we approach our work and our thinking in general is quite similar. I can vouch for how she works on set; she is somebody who is just committed to the craft, committed to doing good work. She doesn’t care about how she looks, she cares about what makes sense for the character, what makes sense for the story. After seeing her in Aangan, I believe she can do anything. I am very lucky to have worked with her. I feel that’s the kind of work and people we need in the industry.”

We cannot wait to see the chemistry these characters share on screen!

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