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If you have been following Ali Gul Pir and McDonald’s Pakistan on Twitter, you would know the latest buzz of the town; the Anday Wala Burger.

Wrapped in what appears like an old newspaper, the anday wala burger is a new addition to McDonald’s Pakistan’s menu. Before you even open the wrapper, the aroma will instantly remind you of the classic bun kabab that you’ve been loving forever.  But hold your desi taste buds right there. Inside the sub are two daal patties that are neither wrapped in an egg nor are soggy with the paani mili huye ketchup. It’s a clean bun kabab, if such a thing is even acceptable.


anday wala burger


The ‘anda’ is layered nicely, constantly reminding you of the egg muffin from McDonald’s. However, onions and cabbage, along with some mint chutney, fail to make much difference to how dry the overall burger is. Let’s rephrase that: it was too dry.


anday wala burger


McDonald’s should name it something fancy if they wish to continue, leaving the title of  ‘anday wala burger‘ to the dhabas that do it best.

Price: 250 PKR

Verdict: You can try it as a one time meal to avoid the FOMO. It’s also a good vegetarian option or a great choice if hygiene is your prerogative. Unfortunately, it did not satisfy our craving for a chatpata thailay wala bun kebab. Also, just realized having it on the roadside or in your car is part of the package. Plus, the real deal costs 60 rupees.