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Amar Khan had a small role in Qayamat, however, her powerful performance won the audience as well as the critics. The multi-talented artist is now going to be seen in ARY Digital’s upcoming drama, Baddua opposite Muneeb Butt, but unlike Samra, this time she will not tolerate abuse.

“I play the character named Abeer who is an absolute riot, she’s an absolute rebel. There is drama wherever she goes. A very powerful and strong girl who speaks her mind and heart,” Amar shared in an exclusive chat with Something Haute. “She is stubborn enough to prioritise her dreams over anyone’s emotions.”

Amar also explained that empowered women should have the authority to make their own decisions and mistakes. Without going into the details of the plot or revealing the baddua (curse), she said it’s a very intriguing narrative.

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The actor confessed that we have very stereotypical characters. “When we show a woman who is outspoken, living life on her terms not compromising on her dreams and likings, we automatically label her as negative. And when the same girl is making sacrifices and pleasing everyone she is seen as a positive character. I wanted to break that notion with this drama.”

“Abeer is a girl who makes a lot of mistakes but also owns them. She has her own playful dynamics and she is satisfied with her choices,” she said adding that she did not want Abeer to be seen as a negative character. “Unlike Samra in Qayamat, here you are going to see a girl who will NOT take a slap.”

Amar is happy that the teasers and OST have been received well by the audience. “I hope Abeer’s courage and Dabang attitude connects with the viewers.”

Baddua is written by Samina Ejaz and Ramish Rizvi is directing it. The drama premieres tomorrow, September 20 with a double episode from 8 to 10 pm.



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