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Renowned fashion genius, Ali Xeeshan has been announced as the Creative Director of the upcoming Shaan-e-Pakistan,  for the show’s third season, set to take place in Karachi from 6th-8th September this year.

Ali Xeeshan’s creativity knows no bounds. The designer always impresses with his collections, which not only boast beautiful outfits but also put the ‘show’ in the term ‘fashion show’, at fashion weeks. As Huma Nassr, founder of Shaan-e-Pakistan stated,

“When planning the show this year, we wanted to add more excitement and edge…Ali’s [Xeeshan] name immediately came to mind given his flair for creating special, thought provoking and memorable fashion experiences.”

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This season of the show, termed as Shaan-e-Pakistan Luxury Privé Edition, promises to be a grand production as it brings together talent from across the border to celebrate our local culture. The designer has previously showcased at Shaan-e-Pakistan’s first season that took place in New Delhi. It will be exciting to see what Xeeshan has up his sleeve this time, as he manages to stand out and make a mark as the creative and show director of the production. He will also be joined in show direction by another ‘tremendous regional fashion guru’, who is yet to be announced.