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Summer body is probably the most desired accessory for anybody struggling to keep their Instagram game strong in the era of ‘me’. Blame it on the peer pressure but, if I’m being honest, I’ve always had a very estranged relationship with my weighing scale, until last year, when I finally decided to just throw it out and go with another ( in my case a more accurate) form of judgment, the mirror.

I’ve spent countless hours in the gym and I have tried every form of diet from calorie deficit to juice cleanse but, my fat was as difficult to get rid of as my dislike for off-the-rack suits, until a couple of years ago I gave up and got liposuction that removed close to 6 liters of fat from my torso and specifically my belly. Although I was mostly happy with my results the recovery did test my sanity and patience after which I decided it’s just not worth going through with it again.

I randomly came across an article published in Vogue last April about fat freezing or more commonly known, a Cool Sculpting, and I thought my prayers have been answered. A non-invasive procedure with little to no side effects that precisely targets stubborn fat like love-handles, belly pouch, back fat etc., it had to be too good to be true so I rang my doctor and asked him if it was real and to my excitement, yes, it was. I had to try it out.

After much research and talking to some ‘like-minded’ friends, I went to Maram&Aabroo, which offered Cool Sculpting in their salon located on Lahore’s bustling MM Alam road. I’ve always liked their salon for its clean, simple, and to-the-point vibe.

Maram and her assistant guided me through the entire procedure and patiently answered all my frantic questions about life and death, and for that, I must commend her tolerance. I was asked to lie down on my back and was warned that the first five minutes might be a little difficult and mild discomfort is usual for that first couple of minutes. If you are like me – whose pain threshold is close to negative twenty – I suggest have ample amounts of happy thoughts for at least those first few minutes, because distraction will get you through. In short, yes it hurts.

The procedure, that lasts about 45 minutes, starts with a gel and a bandage-esque piece that is applied to the area you need help with. The handles latch on the fat with suction (it literally sucks on the fat!) after which the machine will cool the area down to sub zero temperature.

After that, when the cooling panels start to kick in, there isn’t much sensation around the area of application, so, one can quietly sit and watch a movie or take a quick power nap like I did, I slept throughout. The procedure is as smooth as taking a cold shower on a hot day.

Now let’s get to the results, although I was told that it would take 3-4 weeks to see the results, I saw mine just after 7 days, where my belly flab felt considerably reduced and tight with the results becoming more and more prominent over the course of the next week or so. It really is a body revolution that has had me scheduled in for another session this coming Saturday.

So, if you are ready to flaunt that choli or just getting ready to take off your T-shirt at the next beach bash, I suggest you take this article very seriously and put your money in for a session, it’s as easy as that. A session of cool sculpting at Maram&Aabroo would cost you Rs.8000-Rs.16000, depending on how many handles are used. A person normally gets their desired results in two sessions, or at least that is what I am hoping for.