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Coke Studio 14 released its sixth song of the season yesterday, featuring Ali Sethi and Shae Gill crooning to what can be perfectly deemed as the song of every desi man and woman. Titled Pasoori, which loosely translates to trouble, the song is equally joyful yet symbolizes pent up emotions.

Ali started writing Pasoori at a time when local performers were barred from working across the border. Turning angst into art, he wrote two lines of the song — one inspired by the need to celebrate artistic self-expression, and the other a fun quote he had seen on the back of a Pakistani lorry.

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Pasoori is song which talks about societal refrains and restrictions and is a call to the artists in all of us. The song urges everyone to self acceptance and self expression; even if it scares the heck out of you. The song has a very signature Ali Sethi vibe which is soulful yet though-provoking at the same time. It is evident that Ali has a contribution in its composition as well as writing. While Shae Gill’s honey-textured voice adds more uniqueness to the tune.




Video director Kamal Khan has done full justice to the message of the song by incorporating various styles and celebrating communal spirit by showing different emotions, styles and spirituality. The highlight of the video, other than the singers, is an iconic performance by Sheema Kirmani and a mix of Seraiki jhoomar-style dancers.




Ali can be seen in a modern West-African inspired suit, which is all shiny and glam. Shae Gill is dressed as a gypsy in a colourful jacket adorned with traditional motifs. Everyone looks bohemian, glamorous and ethnically ambiguous, and that’s the point of the song. It represents Pakistan of today: aware of its traditions, but also not afraid to transcend boundaries and break shackles.

The song is a must-listen. Watch it here:




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