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They say a friend in need is a friend indeed, and staying true to his friend Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Akshay Kumar has postponed the release date of his film PadMan to February 9. The announcement was made in a joint press conference with Padmaavat director Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

The two movies were set to share the same release date earlier, but speaking to the press, Akshay revealed that PadMan is being postponed at the request of Mr Bhansali, whose film has suffered months of violent protests.

Calling him a dear friend, Akshay told the press,

“Sanjay is a very personal dear friend of mine. He asked for it, so I went for it. They have a reason to release it this time. It is very essential for them to release it as quickly as possible. So I understand that. The point is not about fighting or clashing. We both (the films) can easily come on this date because the business will still happen. There are around 5,000 theatres and we both can share it, but at the moment, the stake of their film is much more higher than mine.”

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Bhansali shared his gratitude for the solo release saying, “I will be grateful to him for a lifetime. This is how we stand with each other.”

Akshay and his PadMan co-star Sonam Kapoor are both happy for Bhansali and we’ll have to say, it takes a big heart to take such a step and stand in support!

“Good cinema is good cinema, I don’t believe in competition. And honestly, I am just happy that the film is releasing, more than anything else, and I hope the film does well,” said Sonam expressing her happiness and support.

PadMan is based on the life of Tamil Nadu based social activist Arunachalam Muruganantham, who created affordable sanitary napkins in rural India. The movie will now have a box office clash with Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary.