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After musician Pharrell Williams’ visit to India last month, as part of a collaboration with Adidas made headlines worldwide, it’s his recent Vogue India photo-shoot with diva Aishwarya Rai that is now on the radar!

While the two stars look great on their own, one can’t help but notice the lack of chemistry between them! Together the two are meant to“represent the boundary-blurring appeal of true global icons,” but one can’t help but question the generic photo-shoot and awkward posing. Plus, why is neither of them happy?




Aishwarya Rai also spoke to the magazine about their career, social causes, and other matters.“I’m not remotely averse to social media, but when it first began, it became a bit of a rat race of numbers, and I’ve never been into that,” Aishwarya said when questioned about her social media presence.” Also, social media is addictive. People use it to hide from and lose the human connection. It is, however, the present and the future and it’s great for connecting with fans, for voicing important issues and a great business tool for brands. I do recognise its value, and if I feel the need I’ll embrace it — transparently and honestly,” she continued.

The Vogue issue hits stands tomorrow.