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Singer Amanat Ali has a soulful voice and he has produced multiple super hit songs that are a treat to the ears. The video of his latest song, Muhabbat Buri Hai features Adnan Siddiqui and Zara Peerzada along with him making it a great collaboration altogether.

“Recently shot for this new musical video. Powerhouse of talent, Amanat Ali, croons in his refreshing voice with me sharing screen with the beautiful Zara Peerzada. There’s a very interesting story in the backdrop of this video, Adnan had shared the news on social media.

Produced in collaboration with Suficore, the lyrics of the song narrate the story of love, trust, heartbreak and deceit. Despite knowing that love is a sweet poison, the singer talks about being blinded by the emotion.

The song is beautifully composed and the lyrics have been penned by Amanat Ali himself. The singer emotes the feelings perfectly through his tone.



“As a writer and composer when you are sitting alone and trying to create something you are in a different world and you get so much into it that your connection with that world opens new and unique doors for you,” said Amanat Ali in an exclusive chat with Something Haute.

“There was a vintage vibe in the composition and lyrics. So keeping that in mind I just came up with the idea of keeping the theme of the video vintage, as well. It was a very different experience shooting with that theme,” he further revealed his inspiration behind the video.

The singer said that it was a wonderful experience working with Adnan Siddiqui and Zara Peerzada who added life to the video through their strong performances.

“Adnan Siddique is probably one of the most professional artists of Pakistan that I have come across. I would say he is Mr Perfectionist of Pakistan.”

While the song is pleasing to the ears, the visuals also demand attention. The three characters donned classic vintage looks for the video making it an absolute treat. Adnan looked classy in a crisp suit while Zara’s retro fashion game was absolutely on point. Full points to Amanat Ali who displayed that he has the potential to act just as well as he can sing.



It is often said that chess is a game of perfect information with every piece of the game in view. However, that is not entirely true. Every position from the game is interpreted by two players; seeing a tactic your opponent missed can help you set traps and that’s exactly what the story in the music video shows.

While we see that Zara’s character teamed with Adnan’s might have deceived Amanat who is probably in love with her. The story unfolds in a rather unexpected way. One woman, two men and a game of chess, the concept seems pretty interesting when paired with the song.

After receiving great feedback for Muhabbat Buri Hai, Amanat is all set to release more music this year. “I am releasing two more songs featuring very interesting and unique stories; one was shot in Dubai and one in Pakistan,” he revealed.