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The PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week kicks off next week and this time on, while ace designer and fashion week’s biggest success story Kamiar Rokni, will not be showing many talented designers from Karachi will be making their Lahore runway debut. Adnan Pardesy is one of them. His will certainly be a show to look forward to.

“It was high time I showed in Lahore since I have been stocking there for quite some time now and my production is well in control. I have been very impressed with the professionalism of components like Lotus and felt it would be a good experience,” Pardesy spoke to me from his workshop late Saturday night. He was celebrating the success of the Pakistani cricket team, he said, by adding finishing touches to the collection he would be showing. Pardesy will be showing on Day Two, he informed, though a schedule has not been made official yet.

It would not be wrong to say that Adnan Pardesy is the one (single) AIFD graduate (2002) to have made an impression on the fashion scene. He debuted at Karachi Fashion week in 2008 with a pleated collection and then showed a black and white honeycomb collection at an Ensemble show later that year. Impressed by his design acumen, critics and potential customers began demanding wearable clothes from the couture-obsessed Pardesy and these demands resulted in the very shaky red collection, which he admits is a collection he would rather forget. He bravely made a comeback at the following Fashion Pakistan Week with Plathonic, his strongest collection yet, which was inspired by the Guggenheim. That Pardesy had been mentored closely by Couture King Rizwan Beyg was evident in the younger designers architectural patterns. I would say that this is when the star was born.

And Adnan Pardesy will now be showing a lightweight white cotton and washed denim collection that will be completely devoid of embroidery except for the one, statement origami, piece de resistance.

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