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The third episode of Aangan left us with a heavy heart as Ahsan and Sonya’s track came to a tragic end with Salma’s (Sonya’s character) death. The timeline of the episode was somewhat puzzling as months had passed within the first few minutes. We saw Salma elope the haveli last time and now she was shown to be bearing a child and suffering from tuberculosis.

Abba Mian also forced his two mistresses out of the village while Amma snatched their three children; two of whom also passed away in the latter half without much explanation.


Amma was shown in a vulnerable position for the first time as she was reminiscing about her daughter. She could sense something terrible was about to happen before she got the tragic news of Salma’s demise which devastated her. She blamed Abba Mian for her death, conveniently neglecting her own harsh behavior towards her daughter. She abandoned Salma and Abba Mian left no stone unturned in making Subhan’s life diffcult, leaving Salma without medical help.




We also witnessed the two bahus’ contrasting personalities where the barhi bahu (Madeeha Rizvi) completely lacks empathy. The previous episodes established that Mazhar (Omair Rana) as a cold person but this time we saw him worried about Salma as he even went to console her. Subhan also gave Salma’s newly born son to him so we expect Mazhar to be the child’s guardian.

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The episode also introduced Azhar (Mustafa Afridi) who didn’t have much to say about his sister Salma. With Azhar’s short conversation with his mother and how he ignored his wife and son, it’s a given that he is closer to Abba Mian in the house. The episode ran high on emotions with anger and tears in abundance. The scene in which Amma Jaan bangs on her husband’s bedroom door in hysteria was one of the highlights. Abba Mian’s reaction was also impactful; he did not admit his mistakes but his guilt was apparent as he wept in his bed.

However, the high point came with the preview of the next episode when we saw glimpses of Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir. Judging by the tempo, we think the play will fast forward a few years giving way to new characters.