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Being a woman isn’t easy. In a world where you are constantly judged by the way you look and dress, you look for ways to find your own style that feels like you and also looks stylish. Hair is one thing that lets you express yourself, whether that be by color, cut or the way that they are styled.

Wanting your hair to look best when you’re going out for a meeting or even simply, when you’re hanging out at home, nothing elevates your mood like smooth and frizz-free do!

However, if you may be confused about how to best style your hair at home, we’ve got all the tricks to make sure your hair is made in a way that feels like YOU!

Here’s what you can do:


Wash Your Hair with TRESemme

When there’s frizzy and unruly hair, worry knot! TRESemme is there to save the day!

TRESemme’s shampoos are known to be mild and soothing for all types of hair. That’s exactly why professionals choose the products for their salons.

Celebrities and influencers swear by TRESemme’s shampoos and hair care products. The Bun Drop Challenge is witness to that! @Umaraandkashaf and @tasmiahkhann can tell you all about the results they achieved, thanks to @TRESemmepakistan. By using TRESemme, you can achieve salon@home quality hair in no time!


Tresemme hair

Have Fun with Your Hair

If you think it’s not fair that you can’t have fun with your hair during winter, think again. There are plenty of ways you can experiment with your look. You can try different hairstyles, like fish braids, Dutch braids, the Top Knot, the wrapped pony, and many more!

TRESemme partner, Hair Stylist Omayr Waqar offers amazing hair care tips and hair hacks in his TRESemme Webisodes. Get inspired!


Apply Sunscreen to Your Hair

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you don’t need to be careful when going outside. Just like how our skin needs protection, our hair does as well!

It’s recommended that you dab a little bit of sunscreen on the roots and tips of your hair when going out. The sun’s UV rays can damage the roots of the hair, causing it to become brittle and prone to split-ends.

Remember that it’s better late than sorry!

These are a few tips our experts at TRESemme recommend that one can regularly follow to ensure hair remains gleamy, frizz-free and all prepped for the big night!

Head over to @TRESemmepakistan for more hair hacks and follow up with Hareem Farooq’s incredible journey with TRESemme. @TRESemmepakistan also offers amazing hair care tips and hair hacks through Webisodes and other digital content accessible at your fingertips so every girl can achieve her hair dream!



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