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House plants are a great source of improving indoor air quality. They help to maintain humidity levels by emitting water vapor during transpiration. Not only do they beautify your house and bring vitality to your living spaces but also help you to sleep well. You could say they’re quite the multi-taskers. Therefore it’s a great idea to fill your bedroom and home with a variety of plants that have a soothing effect.

We did a small survey to find out which plants are ideal to be kept inside your home and don’t need too much maintenance. Here, have a look:


1. Lily


This plant helps clear out any spiritual, emotional and physical issues. It grows well in shaded or dark places. It is perfect for the bedroom to promote serenity and tranquility for sleep.


2. Jasmine


This plant not only brings beauty to any space, but it is one of the best air-filtering houseplants. It promotes a sense of positivity in your home and purifies it of any bacteria.


3. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera has amazing qualities for healing. It can be grown with indirect light or artificial lighting and it is believed that Aloe’s energy helps fight bad luck and negative vibes in your home.


4. Orchid


Having an orchid in a bedroom is important because it controls and balances your energies while you sleep. It also enhances romance and love while clearing any obstacles of negativity from the room.




The rose is sacred and it holds one of the highest vibrational frequencies in plants. It dispels toxins and negativity while bringing passion to your home and life.


6. Spider plant


NASA tests showed that it can remove around 90% of the potentially cancer-causing chemical formaldehyde from the air. Since formaldehyde is found in common household products like adhesives, grout and fillers, it’s a good idea to keep one of these plants around.


7. Ivy plant


It can remove harmful and unwanted toxins in any space. It is suggested that Ivy can be placed in outer passages and doorways for good luck and health.


8. Snake Plant


Snake plant is a relatively inexpensive and low-maintenance plant. It helps fight allergies and sick building syndrome and also removes formaldehyde from the air.