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Nimra Jacob

Award-winning supermodel Nimra Jacob ventured into modeling as a hobby and went on to make a name for herself in the Pakistan fashion industry. She won the award of Best Model of The Year 2021 at LUX Style Awards. Recently, Aamna Haider Isani of Something Haute sat down with Nimra in the latest episode of ‘Meet the Muse’. The model talked about her journey, her goals and aspirations and what she hopes to achieve.

Nimra Jacob and Aamna Isani

Nimra Jacob with Aamna Isani

Here are six things you probably didn’t know about Nimra Jacob:

1.She is a Jersey girl

Born and raised in New Jersey, Nimra is a Jersey girl in true spirit. She travels back and forth between the USA and Pakistan as she juggles work and personal life.

“I am constantly juggling between Jersey, New York, Lahore, and Karachi and it is really nice,” she said.

2. Her venture into modelling 

Nimra shared how she got into modelling. What started as a hobby for her back in New Jersey and New York became a full-time job for her in Pakistan.

“I never thought I would do [modelling] full time honestly. I came to Pakistan for my cousin’s wedding and I was modelling locally in New Jersey and New York. My mom asked me whether I wanted to model here [in Pakistan] and I was like why not. I didn’t think much about it at that time and someone referred to me and I did a campaign which I really enjoyed.”

Nimra Jacob

She mentioned that she would come to Pakistan during her vacations and while visiting her relatives she continued to take modelling jobs and between 2016-2019 she was working as a model, part-time.

The model added that she believes that her success is a collective effort of multiple individuals.

“There are a lot of people who, I feel like, discovered me. I believe it took a journey for me to enter and make my mark in this industry. I don’t give one person entirely that stamp because I believe there were multiple people who were a factor in that.”

3. Her love for desi clothes

Nimra Jacob

Nimra mentioned that after taking on modelling jobs in Karachi she got comfortable in wearing desi clothes and that is when she started exploring them but she would wear desi clothes on weddings, Eids, and occasionally on birthdays back in the USA as well.

4. She believes in going with the flow

Nimra believes in going with the flow and not laying down a road map to follow.

“Every project I said yes to was because I wanted to do it and every person I spoke to was because I wanted to speak to them,” she said and clarified that she worked hard to make a career out of modelling.

“People have this misconception that I was an overnight sensation. I came and I worked and that is how I moved forward. I make it a point to tell people that any type of work field that you go into, you need to put your days, months, years, heart, and love into it.”

5. She is vocal about issues

Nimra strongly believes in being vocal about issues she believes are worth talking about. She takes a stand for others. She talked about the presence of casting couch in fashion industry in Pakistan and how she has always refused to be a part of it. She further elaborated on how she believes that things should be more organized in the fashion industry with contracts laid down so that people are held accountable.

6. Her plans to pursue acting

The model shared that she is presently thinking about acting and planning to experiment with it. She did theater in high school and did a minor role in a film from Rutgers University, USA. She is now planning to explore the field in more depth.

Watch the full interview here:

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