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Tere Bin

The latest TV sensation, Tere Bin, is going viral on social media for its dramatic portrayal of emotions and grand production value. Everyone is loving Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali’s undeniable chemistry as the magnetic couple Meerub and Murtasim. The mega-hit drama has all the ingredients: star power, strong characters, great direction, and an engrossing script.

Moreover, Tere Bin has also shattered a few stereotypical themes that have become a major part of our dramas in recent years. Let’s have a look!

1. Highlights that communication is key

Murtasim and Meerub got married under strange circumstances, so neither of them has had the chance to build a bond. However, the couple is a prime example of why it is necessary to have good communication to start any relationship. Despite their innumerable differences, the two are always at loggerheads because they don’t talk about what matters the most. The clash in their personalities is evident, as Murtasim always orders her to do things, which never sits well with Meerub. In recent episodes, if only Murtasim had told Meerub that he was forbidding her from going because it was the land of his enemy, things would have turned out differently. Similarly, Meerub didn’t speak to him and assumed that the maid was getting hitched in vengeance.

Tere Bin

2. Breaks the mould of a typical hero

Murtasim has his flaws; he has been raised to believe that he has the last word in the household. However, he is unlike any hero with a feudal mindset shown in our dramas. He is educated and sensible enough to realize that Meerub was forced to marry him. He respects her and gives her space. He takes a stand for her in front of Bhabi Begum. There are hints that he has fallen in love with her, and despite her rude behavior, he never scolds her in front of anyone.

Tere Bin

3. Shows a resilient female lead

Meerub is a headstrong girl. Her world turned upside down within hours when she realized that her father abandoned her at birth, and later, her adoptive parents also left her at the mercy of her relatives. But she is not hopeless and helpless; she has made a decision to live with the people who have caused her pain and make them suffer with her. She, at no point, acts as a damsel who needs saving. She walks the talk and is not afraid of anyone, not even pulling Murtasim in a pool.

Tere Bin

4. Emphasizes how jadoo is a hoax

In last week’s episodes, Tere Bin also showed that jadoo (magic) done by fraudulent pirs and bibis is a delusion. In Haya’s case, she resorted to extreme measures when she wanted Meerub to die, however, it was Murtasim who was harmed in an accident. The drama clearly points out that it is wrong to turn to jadoo, kala jadoo or any such practices.

5. Obsession leads to misery

Tere Bin depicts different levels of obsession through several characters. While Bhabi Begum is obsessed with having the final say in every matter, there is also Haya, who has been rejected multiple times by Murtasim, but she still has a firm belief that Meerub is her opponent. This fixation is her biggest enemy. Now, we have also seen Rohail’s obsession and his claim over Meerub. It is as problematic as Haya’s complex because the passion or love is one-sided in both cases.

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  • Avatar Divyasha says:

    Hi Aamna ma’am and Hasan Bhai. I found you the only and reliable source which could convey my feeling to my most lovable YUMNA ZAIDI .I am an Indian and is not on any social media platforms currently. So I would like you to please convey my love and regard to YUMNA. I have never in my life found any celebrity who I have found so lovable, down to earth, humble, intelligence, so full of gratitude, so full of light. I find her so similar to me a normal person . She is very very special to me . I have never felt so touched by any other celebrity. I just love her so so much . She is literally a possession to have. I am one of those who have always not been
    in favour of loving a celebrity as I thought that we don’t know them,how can we just love them.
    But I have been proved wrong by myself . I want her to know that I am a fan of her . She is incomparable to anyone in the industry. She is just class apart. I wish her all the very best for future and may she win Oscars one day, that’s what she’s capable of. Aur Haan unki shadi ho jaaye ek bhot bhot achche insaan se jaldi se ( can be considered as a wierd wish but I wish she gets all the happiness) .
    Aamna ma’am and Hasan Bhai please convey these feelings – “APKA TO KUCH NHI JAAYEGA MERA DIN BAN JAAYEGA” .
    Lots of love to something haute too

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