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When Qandeel Baloch was with us, she often divided people in terms of how she conducted herself. People would be debating for long hours over her controversial videos and statements, with some people loving her for being so entertaining and others, sadly, wishing death upon her. Therefore it should come as no surprise that the queen of controversy has divided Pakistanis now as well.  Here are some of the most absurd reactions that we have come across on social media.


1.”She deserved to die.”

This one is definitely the worst as it shows everything that is wrong with our society. These attitudes actually did contribute to her untimely and unfair death. These people would literally be wishing death upon her, attacking her with insults, abuse and threats when she was alive. Now, they continue to spread hate and violence in the world by celebrating her death! Because they hated her that much, and also because they are psychopaths and no better than her murdering brother. Twitter is filled with these terrible people and it is rather unfortunate that there are so many people who are reacting to her murder in this manner.

You people truly are the reason why she was killed. Because someone (her brother) thought like you and acted out.


2. “No one deserves to be killed but she brought it upon herself”

While this reaction may not be as vile as the first one, it is just as bad. These people think that well, her death was wrong, but she was a bad person and therefore, doesn’t deserve so much love from us now that she’s dead. These people are mocking the ones who are sharing her pictures and writing love-filled words for her. In their disgusting opinion, we shouldn’t be giving her any love because well, when she was alive, we made fun of her. These type of people are branding all those people giving their condolences as ‘hypocrites.’

This is not hypocritical. Giving condolences to the departed, no matter how one feels about them when they are alive, is not being a hypocrite. It means we’re being humane, for god’s sake.


3. “We all killed her!”

These people think we ALL killed Qandeel Baloch. All the people who made fun of her, or passed moral judgments on her or criticised her work, or just didn’t like her- EVERYONE is responsible for what happened to her.

Excuse me? The whole point of your argument as well is that there should be DIALOGUE if you don’t like something; you can’t just go kill someone if you don’t. In the same way, everyone has the right to have intelligent discourse regarding someone famous and their work. We are all free to criticise and dislike. It’s not the same thing as killing somebody! Please don’t say this as you are also encouraging death to freedom of speech. Just stop when your freedom of speech turns into hate speech.


4. “Her brother did the right thing.”

So these people are not violent or using curse words to attack Qandeel. These people are instead expressing their sympathy for her brother! Yes, I couldn’t believe it myself when I read this online. They ask people to imagine the abuse and ridicule her brother must have been going through, how people must have teased him with his sister’s pictures and videos, how harassed he must have been to do something like this.

This mindset is also contributing to her murder, because you actually have sympathy for a killer, not the victim. Please, just, don’t talk.


5. “She was our very own Kim Kardashian.”

Oh dear God. Why does she have to be compared to another celebrity at this point? Some international newspapers are going so far as to using this analogy in their headlines.

Does adding Kardashian’s name increase clicks and retweets for you people? This is about Qandeel’s tragedy, isn’t her own name enough? I don’t want to pass judgment on Kardashian’s work or whether she should be compared to Qandeel. THIS IS EXACTLY MY POINT. Why are we talking about Kim Kardashian right now?!


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