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As Green Entertainment gears up for release, it has been – surely and steadily – been releasing trailers, teasers and musical scores for its highly anticipated dramas over the past few weeks. Four Original Sound Tracks, for one, have been playing all across social media platforms and are capturing the hearts of all listeners. These four OSTs have become massive hits, paving the way for the drama serials that they belong to.

‘Ankhain’ – A True Love Song
Drama: Kabli Pulao

The first title track to release from Green Entertainment is ‘Ankhain’ from the upcoming serial Kabli Pulao. With an enchanting composition by Sahir Ali Bagga and the powerful vocals of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, this track transcends cultural boundaries and musical genres, celebrating the language of love in an uplifting manner. Featuring Sabeena Farooq in a drama directed by Kashif Nisar, Kabli Pulao presents itself as a unique story and it’s no surprise that ‘Ankhain’ has quickly surpassed 100 million views across all platforms, it has flooded TikTok with creative videos and earned praise from fans on Twitter.

Listen to ‘Ankhain’ here:


‘Ab Teri Yaad’ – A Nostalgic Gem
Drama: Idiot

Featuring the talented Ahmed Ali Akbar, ‘Idiot’ is undoubtedly the single most anticipated serial to release on Green and its OST, ‘Ab Teri Yaad’ is hitting all the right notes. This Qawwali-inspired masterpiece, composed and sung by Sher Mian Dad and penned by award winning playwright Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar, will tug at your heartstrings. Sher Mian Dad’s soulful vocals bring the heartfelt lyrics to life, leaving listeners reminiscing about lost love. Another beautiful element added to this musical piece is the use of Urdu poetry which enhances the emotions of the song further. ‘Ab Teri Yaad’ is a complete lyrical journey that perfectly captures the longing and pain of cherished memories and has made waves on social media platforms with many inspired by its poetry and lyrics.

Enjoy complete OST here:


‘Aap Kitnay Haseen’ – A Catchy Love Tune
Drama: Jeevan Nagar

Another magnificent release, ‘Aap Kitnay Haseen’ from the upcoming serial Jeevan Nagar, features the stunning Rabia Butt. Sung by Sahir Ali Bagga and penned by Imran Raza, this melodious track is all about finding a partner and love despite differences and obstacles. With its blend of diverse musical genres, ‘Aap Kitnay Haseen’ has become an instant hit among TikTokers and Instagram users with many appreciating the catchy tune of the song. The captivating visuals by Q & K Production and Multiverse Entertainment, perfectly complement the heartfelt lyrics.

Don’t miss out on the tune:


‘O Rabba Ho’ – A Powerful Traditional Showcase
Drama: Jindo

The fourth OST to release is ‘O Rabba Ho’ for the upcoming show Jindo starring the talented Humaima Malick. This track powerfully highlights the struggles of women in a patriarchal society set in a rural backdrop. With meaningful lyrics by Ahad Siddiqui and composed by Schumaila Rehmat Hussain and Faraz Rizvi, ‘O Rabba Ho’ pays homage to traditional music. The gripping melodies created through traditional instruments will leave you mesmerized. It’s a unique masterpiece that has reintroduced traditional music to Pakistan’s scene, creating quite the buzz among music lovers.

Listen to the full track here:


Green Entertainment continues to dominate the music landscape with its phenomenal OST releases. From the cross-cultural allure of ‘Ankhain’ to the nostalgic magic of ‘Ab Teri Yaad’ the enchanting love journey of ‘Aap Kitnay Haseen,’ and the powerful traditional showcase of ‘O Rabba Ho,’ these OSTs have firmly established Green Entertainment as a trendsetter in the music and entertainment industry. Brace yourself for more musical wonders, we can’t wait to see what’s to come.

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