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For anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock, we’re sure you’re aware that Reham Khan released her tell-all book online on Thursday, and it is filled to the brim with stark revelations of all proportions. From elaborate details about her ex-husband and PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s fallacies to the dark world of sex, drugs, and politics, Reham has spilled it all, and she’s taking no prisoners.

What have been some of the most bizarre and downright messy revelations made in the book? We have a list and it’s something right out of a (scary) novel!


Black lentils and some black magic!


While we’re pretty sure no one in Pakistan is unaware of the dark arts that exist in our society, Reham Khan has taken it all up to a new level by claiming that Imran Khan took help of some ‘black lentils’ to ‘ward off a curse.’ In the book, Reham claims that she was a witness to this and was purportedly asked to be quiet about it. Yikes!


The good, the bad, and the drugly


No, this isn’t a tell-all about a drug-consuming rock star, but it sure sounds like one! According to the book, Imran’s alleged drug addiction knows no bounds. Reham claims that she caught the PTI leader red-handed snorting cocaine in their bathroom – a habit which Imran ‘promised he’ll stop, but never did.’

Reham also claimed that the political leader has addictions to a gargantuan number of drugs which are not limited to heroin, tranquillisers like benzodiazepines, medication such as Xanax and Lexotanil, and also the banned insomnia-alleviating drug, Rohypnol.

“The typical day’s cocktail would generally consist of half an ecstasy tablet and one or two lumps of coke, followed by two to three sedatives at night,” Reham claims. “It wasn’t until the last month that he started hiding the dispenser in his jacket pockets… It appeared that Imran was doing about six grams a night.”


A list of sexcapades


The list of allegations may be bizarre, but nothing gets creepier than a list of weird sexual acts/encounters of a 65 year old former cricketer, it seems. According to the book, Imran not only engaged with gay encounters with his close friend ‘Moby’ but also was in a live-in relationship, despite the latter being married.

“My look of horror produced peals of laughter from my sexually liberated husband,” she writes.

The book then further goes onto explain how Imran also indulged in illicit relations with various women from his political party and the high social circles of Pakistan. She claims that she read explicit messages from Andaleeb Abbas and Uzma Kardar.

“These women were regular offenders,” Rehman alleges. “Uzma Kardar was not only in the habit of regularly sending him images of her genitalia but would force her way in to stand or sit next to him, even in my presence. I dismissed her as a disturbed woman. She had warned me in person at Aleem Khan’s house, right at the start of the year, that I should put up with it since they were not going to back off.”


The illegitimate children!


If you thought you’ve read the worse, there’s more in this mudslinger! According to the book, the popular leader also shares a dark past riddled with illegitimate relationships and subsequently, children from such relations.

Reham Khan hints about a conversation that she had with her ex-husband regarding Tyrian White, his alleged daughter with Sita White, where Imran allegedly told her that Tyrian was not the only one and that he had five other illegitimate children ‘that he knew of’.

The book also claims that Imran Khan told his then-wife that a few of the women he had children with are married Indian women who were thrilled to have the child since they couldn’t otherwise in their marriage. The book also claims that Imran is also alleged to have said that the eldest child is 34 years old.


What do you think of the revelations made by Reham Khan in her book? Tell us in the comments section below!