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Although misogyny in Pakistan knows no end and is not a new development, the magnitude of its viciousness surely is; something which supermodel Amna Babar found out yesterday after a group of men hurled abuses at her from the sidewalk in Lahore.

According to a post shared by the model on her Instagram, Babar was running some errands when a group of men started making ‘obscene’ faces at her while also abusing her for no reason.

“I was driving home after running some errands to pick up my mom and these boys started making obscene faces started swearing at me and kept calling me names,” Babar wrote. “I was alone, got scared as no one even tried to help me and went to pick up my mother, and took her to the mall. There I saw them again, I took pictures of them and one of them showed me the middle finger and called me a badmash!”

The model in her post also questioned why men are threatened by women.

“Why do men feel the need to threaten women and girls; when will this ever stop ?” She asked. “Why do people just stand and watch why is this acceptable?”

A good question that we’d like an answer to as well.