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Armeena Khan, who rose to fame with Bin Roye and Janaan has lent her support to a trust in the United Kingdom, and is helping in raising funds for free eye care in Pakistan.

She was recently part of a charity dinner event at the Graham Layton Trust, a charity organisation that provides free eye care to underprivileged Pakistanis. Pakistani-Hollywood actor, Art Malik hosted the fundraiser for the project in support with Armeena.

The beautiful actor is best known for being vocal about her thoughts that matter to her and has never shied away from expressing them, be it on Twitter or on Instagram. She has always been a believer of sending out positive messages through her platforms and by being associated to a cause such as this, Armeena will surely make a difference in the lives of many.


The main objective of the charity was to provide free eye surgery and ophthalmic care for those who are unable to afford the treatment in Pakistan. An eye transplant roughly costs a whopping sum of PKR 1, 20,000 which is an exorbitant figure for low income households in Pakistan.

Armeena expressed her thoughts to Daily Times and said, “The GLT is doing some really good work and I am proud to be associated with something that makes lives better. Pakistan is a developing country and our people face many challenges that can get better if we all do our part.”

She has been an avid supporter of many international causes that include the atrocities happening to the Rohingya refugees. She also dedicated her award at a UK ceremony to the Rohingya refugees in September, last year.

“As artists, we are in a unique position to use our voices to get attention and bring the world’s focus to many people who are not privileged and do not have the access to many of the basic services such as food, shelter and healthcare,” she added.

We feel the empathy for such causes should be spread far and wide and more people like Armeena Khan need to come forward and raise awareness that can make a lot of lives better.