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There have been rumors about Meera permanently moving to the US and I caught her on the phone, on her way to Islamabad for an awards show, for some details. The candid Meera jee said that yes, it’s true and she’s planning on moving to the United States in about a month’s time. She already has a green card, and a place in Long Island, NY which she will spruce up a bit when she gets there.

She went on to add that she will be shuffling between LA and NYC and will also keep visiting Pakistan, where her roots are.

“I want to continue promoting my hospital project and will be going back and forth between the US and Pakistan for my hospital project as well as for other professional commitments.”

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Why is she moving to the US, has been a question in all our minds? Meera paused, thought about her response and then shared the information.

“There are three main reasons for my move, the first one being a movie that I’ve signed with Rehan Siddiqi in Houston and we will be working on that very soon. The second reason is that I will be doing a show Meera in America and Canada, which will require me to travel across the US states and across Canadian cities very frequently. It makes more sense for me to move due to those projects. The third reason is something I can’t disclose currently but will do so in 2019!” I tried my luck and asked if the third reason had something to do with her getting married. Meera said she couldn’t share just yet and it’s a surprise to be disclosed in 2019.

Rehan Siddiqi, based out of Houston is the owner and CEO of Houston’s most famous South Asian radio channel, Hum Tum Radio. He is also the President and producer of Rehan Siddiqi Productions.

I asked Meera if this Meera in America and Canada show would be on the lines of Reema Khan’s America?

“Reema is such a beautiful person and I admire her a lot. However, I don’t think that my show is will be like that. The inspiration for my show is based on the American reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

Meera added that she’s looking forward to her housewarming party planning in New York. Yes, Meera jee is all geared up for the big move to the Big Apple.