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With just four days left to the release of the much-awaited Shoaib Mansoor directorial, Verna, the promotions are finally at their peak. However, what’s gotten us more intrigued than just the plain old style of campaign, is, of course, Mahira Khan and her natural charm!

On Sunday we got to see a very unique video of Hamza Ali Abbasi, giving his fans a shout-out to watch Verna. The shout-out was in Punjabi and he got a very cute monosyllabic response from Mahira. Her “Aaho” to every thing he said was endearing and left us wondering how good (or bad) her Punjabi actually is!

Mahira Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi will appear in Maula Jutt together (though they’re not a couple in the film) and apparently, it’s Hamza who has been giving her lessons in speaking Punjabi.

“All the Punjabi that she speaks in the film, I’ve taught her,” Hamza says in the video, talking about their upcoming film.

Sharing a solid camaraderie, this just proves that whether it’s Verna now, or Maula Jutt in a few months’ time, we’re going to see more of Mahira Khan being candid, fun, and most of all, charismatic!

Check out the video below and tell us what you think: