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Our beloved Hauteliers, I know you all have been wondering where we’ve been but rest assured we’ve not quit we just took a break to recover from the national tragedy that was Hum Style Awards. Now that we’re back we have quite some celeb folks to scream or swoon over, the first more than the latter as we give you this week’s Haute Patrol!

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Either way, it has been a real dull week where fashion is concerned but it could be that winter is here and our celeb folks are just not built for these pedestrian hardships.


Anaum Hammad


We’re totally digging this look, yes the pants could have fit better but the statement jacket is just we need to kick-start our week.


Urwa Hocane


We just do not understand Miss Hocane’s need to try so hard. The color is not working and the whole outfit is quite bad where its fitting is concerned; also those earrings are criminal.


Alyzeh Gabol


I guess we now know whose style to follow throughout the Rangreza promotions; it needs a star and Miss Gabol is delivering.


Hasnain Lehri


There is a hot professor quality about this look we could totally get behind.


Sabeeka Imam


The skirt is pretty interesting, but the top looks like fungus.


Hania Amir


Honey, we love you, but this is pretty tacky.


Sajal Aly


As interesting as porridge at room temperature.


Rehmat Ajmal


Everything waist up is working perfectly but the lower half just seems like an afterthought, NEXT!


Hina Altaf


I don’t know why she chose to dress like an annoying sales girl from Sephora, NO WE DON’T WANT YOUR FREE SAMPLE!