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Khaadi, one of Pakistan’s retail industry giants, has an inspirational story that began 22 years ago with a humble startup and leads to the iconic status it enjoys today. Like any global fashion label, Khaadi was the vision of one man and it went from strength to strength under the leadership of the highly entrepreneurial, Shamoon Sultan. The brand continues to soar due to its constant innovation and evolution, holding onto its signature ethos of colour and craft to create diverse and impactful products to a nation that loves to dress up.

With a standout legacy spanning over two decades, the brand has stories and spiels that have helped create the strong signature that Khaadi has today, predominant being its fabric designs. However, what’s the secret behind this indomitable reign? Khaadi’s legacy lies in its strengths; from colours that remind us of our roots, to designs that mirror our emotions, fashion that relates to its audience and holistically, a brand that packages all this in an unforgettable retail experience. When you step into a Khaadi store, you know you’re in a space that has been created to uplift you.




The key to colour

The explosion of colour, playing into a medley of culture, craft and tribal motifs, is Khaadi’s biggest strongpoint. It’s not just about creating a kaleidoscope; it’s about creating synergy. With each of its collections, through all four seasons, the brand always offers value addition in terms of exciting colour palettes, innovative styles that strike the perfect balance between east and west, designs and of course, fabric. But above all, Khaadi colours are an emotion to express the vibe of a collection or an occasion. Bright hues or popping neon’s like orange, fuchsia pink and bright green tones signify Khaadi’s heart and soul.



From serene to cool shades, down to bold, vibrant, and vivacious colours, Khaadi has a versatile range of designs. The brand continues to dressing-up the nation, as well as reaching into our homes with exquisite home accessories.


Design Philosophy

Khaadi’s design philosophy has no bounds because the label has not restricted itself in anyway. It has always focused on producing a dynamic blend of designs. which fuse elements taken from Pakistan’s rich heritage with contemporary sensibilities. That is why it seamlessly transitioned into a cherished lifestyle brand within no time. What we love most is the brand’s unwavering commitment to reviving local heritage, indigenous crafts and mixing it with global trends to make it relevant to the present. This sophisticated balance between local and global worlds of design is the secret behind Khaadi’s roaring success.




Fashion that exudes confidence

The Khaadi Woman is confident, evident the second you walk into a Khaadi store. Vibrant colours, artistic patterns, traditional embroideries and even styles and silhouettes that are rooted in our heritage underscore an aura of independence, confidence and emancipation. The brand has always kept the radiant and free-spirited Pakistani woman at the forefront; a woman who is as colourful, diverse and confident as the style she wears.




What more to expect?

There is a reason why Khaadi has remained to be every fashionable Pakistani women’s top choice for the past 22 years. The brand stands out due to its spirit to transform and develop according to changing times. Khaadi’s creativity continues to grow by leaps and bounds as the brand believes in evolution and innovation in all aspects. Having created a deep rooted legacy with its origins in Pakistan, Khaadi is now looking outward and at the world, building brand that can project Pakistan’s brand of fashion at a global level.