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With Amir Adnan paving way for androgynous clothing this Fall, the leading designer has just released the second spell of his collection for the fashion-savvy. Replete with contemporary cuts and subtle monochromes, this gender-bender is all you need in your wardrobe if you want to stay en pointe.

Revolving around minimalistic attires – which are all the rage locally and internationally on almost all fashion weeks – the Fall collection by Amir Adnan proves to be designed par excellence.

This fall is all about the diverse range of fresh silhouettes that men and women need to add to their style repertoire, and of course, Amir does exactly that with his ode to the upcoming Autumn season. Asymmetrical cut tunics, waist-clenched waistcoats, and pantaloons are just some of the cuts we see in the new collection but there’s so much more to choose from.

The variety of silhouettes and cuts will leave you spoilt for choices.

If you’re looking for that perfect combination of a solid palette consisting of deep blacks, dusk browns and sea blues, look no further than the new range by Amir Adnan, who intricately combines the right amount of flair and style to his collection. Apart from the colour palette, the fact that the collection can be fitted well to both masculine and feminine body structures, is surely what makes Amir a frontrunner in bringing the latest trends to Pakistan.

In a collection that looks modern, feels modest, and remains minimalistic on both men and women, Amir Adnan has justifiably found the perfect mix of all that you need for the latest prêt wear.

Simply put, embrace the androgyny with the Amir Adnan philosophy this fall if you want to stay up with the latest trends that globe is following, and you can thank us later!

Check out a fun sneak-peek of the collection here:

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