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With the wedding season fast-approaching, the time for Mehndi dance practices and Dholkis is nigh. However, this time around you’re surely not alone. Participating with Patari, Ali Hamza and Ali Sethi have proven that if there’s a competition for who knows the most dholak songs, they’ll win, hands down.

In a quirky video for the music streaming platform, both musicians participate wholeheartedly, singing traditional Punjabi tappay to the beat of the dholak and guitar without any prior jamming session or planning. We may be cool, but we’ll never be Ali Sethi and Ali Hamza coming up with spontaneous rhythms and lyrics cool.

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So, if you want to reminisce with songs like ‘Bo Kata’, ‘Kala Sha Kala’ and ‘Ballay Ballay’, this video by Patari may be the best thing you see today!

Check out the fun video featuring the Ali Sethi and Ali Hamza here: