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Having sensitive and combination skin is quite the ordeal, while my T-zone is oily, the rest of my face is quite dry. Over the years my skincare routine has been limited to a face wash prescribed by my dermatologist, and unrefined pure coconut oil. However, having heard so much about the recent rage of Korean skincare products, curiosity got to me and I wanted to give it a try.

The people at Skin Maskuerade, an online retailer of various Korean beauty brands, were kind enough to accommodate my need for adventure and sent over an assortment of sample-sized products for me to try.

korean skincare

The 10-step routine

I learnt that there is a specific 10-step routine when it comes to these products, and though it doesn’t have to be followed vigilantly, I liked the concept of it. Having tried it for two alternate days, I am quite surprised to find the obvious difference in my skin. It feels cleaner, brighter and definitely fresher. I have luckily not had any breakouts or such, which I am prone to, and even my problematic T-zone feels smoother and less oily.

Here’s a low-down on what I loved, and didn’t:

What I loved

All the products had a fresh yet subtle scent, which for me is very important. I especially loved the cleansing pad, which was a wet textured cotton pad to cleanse the nose and cheeks area. The textured side made it easy to see the dead skin and dirt that came off, leaving me satisfied!

The blackhead removing products included the customary nose strip, and a liquid cleanser, both of which worked very well. Obviously my blackheads weren’t gone in one swish, but I could see an evident difference and a much smoother nose!

korean skincare

The Lotus sheet mask and yellow cleansing pad were a personal favourite

The sheet mask was a sure favourite too, it smelled perfect and the coolness of it left me feeling refreshed and my face lit up. Even if I don’t get the time to continue the routine, I’m planning to use the masks on a weekly basis simply for that fun, fresh feeling.

What I didn’t love

The sleeping pack, which is a kind of moisturizer that is supposed to be left on overnight, was a bit too oily for my liking. Having applied it to my face for a couple of hours, it felt quite sticky and I chose to remove it before falling asleep.

korean skincare

(L-R) Cleanser, toner, Snail Essence, eye cream

Call me silly, but the concept of a snail mask gives me the heebie jeebies! Snail slime is used in many skincare products, and I was sent a snail sheet mask as well as a Snail Essence for my skin. I couldn’t bring myself to apply the mask to my face, but I did try the essence; which I think I’ll do without next time simply because I can’t get used to the idea of having snail slime on my face!

  •  Disclaimer: All products must be tried at your own risk, and according to your skin type/requirement/allergies.
  • Featured image by Skin Maskuerade