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Known for her minimal aesthetic and traditional take on fashion, Zara Shahjahan has been one of our favourite designers when it comes to formal and casual wear. The essential quirky factor was brought in with her COCO line, which featured fun prints from paint splotches to lipstick stains.

The brand recently released its Luxury Unstitched Collection, Lahore, which is a beautiful amalgamation of embroidery and traditional details, taking inspiration from the Walled City itself. The three piece unstitched outfits feature plain bottoms, embroidered shirt pieces and elaborate fully printed silk dupattas.

zara shahjahan

“I’m Lahori and the traditions and cultures always show in my aesthetic,” the designer told us when asked about the title of her collection, “The collection was releasing close to 14th August and we’re celebrating our culture, hence the name.”

We asked the designer about her traditional take on fashion, and how it happens to be a growing trend this season. “I did experiment in the beginning with modern collections, but now ethnic and florals have become our distinct identity. It’s not a trend for us, this is who we are,” the designer confirmed.

zara shahjahan

Other than the lovely composition of the designs and embroideries, the styling of the photo-shoot is another great aspect. Using ghararas and flared bottoms, traditional teekas and jhumkas complete the look of each outfit, and give us some great ideas for Eid!

“While we were the first to introduce ghararas in lawn, everybody is pairing them with short shirts but we decided to make it distinct and use anarkalis”, the designer informed us.

zara shahjahan

The collection is available nationwide, and makes for the perfect understated look for the upcoming Eid!

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