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After receiving much critique over her debut celebrity runway walk at FPW S/S ’18, actress Zara Noor Abbas has spoken up against the backlash she’s received – and it seems she’s anything but amused.

The actress, who was walking for Huma Adnan’s FnkAsia, shared a video on her Instagram of models ridiculing her, and explained her stance over why she chose to walk the way she did. For those who didn’t see her walk, let us just say that Zara was a complete star on the runway. She had serious swag; the kind you associate with confident achievers and we loved her energy and her confidence.


“Hey, dear Stunning Models! You girls look amazing in this video and thank you for making me learn a few things about the world,” Zara wrote. “Now I can’t complain why women in the world have to fight so much for gender equality. That is because women don’t build women. They bash at each other like this.”

Zara also went on to talk about how her walk was incorporating the theme.

“I am an Actor, not a model,” she wrote. “I can’t even imagine being a model. It is so effortlessly amazing and tiring at the same time. But, as an entertainer, it is my job to entertain my audiences. And that’s what I did with my walk which was based on the theme of a warrior princess. Thus, the belt and the boots were incorporated into my outfit. That is why designers choose actors as showstoppers for their walks. To add more drama. Some liked it, some didn’t. My designer was happy and so was I.”

The actress has worked in shows like Dharkan and Khamoshiyan and again, we have to say we loved her energy on the runway, which is more than we can say for some of the models up there. It would be great if someone would make a video on what people say about them. Meow!