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In a world that relies heavily on social media in correlation to fame and success, where do designers and fashion brands stand?

Zainab Chottani is one of the few designers today who have not only shown their immense outreach, but that too while keeping their advertising technique minimal. The designer has taken her brand to new heights in the past year, having been featured in Vogue India, as well as revealing an exclusive collaboration with Swarovski. Zainab Chottani also participated in the Destination Wedding Planners Congress (DWP), held in Phuket, and exhibited at the Harper’s Bazaar Bride event in Dubai, which was no doubt a great tactic to infiltrate the global market for wedding wear.

zainab chottani

However, we never see Zainab Chottani rely on social media to prove herself, her work evidently does that for her. The designer sticks to her signature aesthetic that not only does well commercially but also appeals to the eye.

We spoke to the designer about her exceptionally happening year and what her philosophy towards extensive advertising is.

zainab chottani

SH: Tell us how your international exposure in the past year assisted in the brand’s growth.

Our feature in Vogue opened gates for us in the Indian market while the Harper’s Bazaar event held in Dubai, which is such a multicultural city, was a wonderful experience for us as we were exposed to a bigger market. Similarly, DWP also opened gates for us to expand internationally in the wedding world.

SH: Unlike other brands, Zainab Chottani (ZC) has adopted a subtle approach to marketing and does not over-advertise. Do you feel this works in the brand’s favour, or is does it stop ZC from growing or spreading its wings to a larger clientele?

ZC: I have always believed that the marketing approach for bridals to be via word of mouth; I believe that is what works best. For lawn we do massive advertising, which is what it needs with the public demand and kind of clientele it targets.

zainab chottani

What big things are in store for the ZC brand this year, and what are you particularly looking forward to?

ZC: We’re particularly hyped about our lawn collections, which will launch one after the other, throughout the year. Along with that, of course, we are constantly catering to brides and designing exquisite ensembles for their big day, many of which are customized.