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Anyone who’s online must have noticed how open Zaid Ali T is about his life. Since his career depends on interacting with his fans on a regular basis, Zaid Ali regularly vlogs about his life, his marriage, his home and even his wife, Yumna. The young couple recently tied the knot and welcomed a lot of love from all over the world. Zaid Ali often shares pictures of Yumna; she has also featured in several videos.

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However, the Internet can be a hostile place as well, especially for women. We often see female actors, activists, and filmmakers being criticized for one thing or the other and it seems as though trolls haven’t spared Zaid’s wife either.

The comedian took to Twitter to complain about how people have been writing negative comments about Yumna’s appearance, especially based on her skin colour. He also pointed out that dark skin is the norm in the country, yet it’s considered “ugly.”


Zaid Ali T

We wonder if anyone can invent a filtering option for hateful people online, but until then, all one can do is educate, create awareness and then simply block people if they still don’t understand.