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Zahid Ahmed’s most recent appearance in Digestive Showtime’s newly released short film — 2 Sey 5 — is a must-watch for those who enjoy the mystery genre with an element of surprise. The short, directed by Najaf Bilgrami, centers around a rich guy Kabir, played by Zahid, who gets stuck at the petrol station at night while he is returning from a party.

Though in the beginning you won’t be able to grasp the series of unfortunate events that are happening; his phone battery drains, the petrol pump doesn’t accept payment in cards, an accident happens, but all of these events lead to mysterious circumstances as if he is stuck in a loop. Kabir dreams about the scars from his past involving his mother as he gets out of his comforts. This world of inconvenience unlocks his hidden feelings, liberates him and gives him courage to accept his past.




It is refreshing to see our writers using different languages in the narrative. Adnan Jilani’s character speaks in Sindhi and Kabir only catches up on relatable words. At one point he says, “these are God’s secrets son, being lost in life is just as important…” which sums up the story of the 2 Sey 5.


Adnan Jilani


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The climax of the story comes when the clock strikes 5 and Kabir finds himself in a different world altogether. The film starts with a quote by Rumi and concludes at mystic verses, summarizing how life is a journey of self-awareness, remorse, and rediscovery.

The short film also has a guest appearance by Jennan Hussain and stars Adi Adeal Amjad, Becks Khan, Najaf Bilgrami, Aniq earnest amongst others.

You can watch 2 Sey 5 here: