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We know Zahid Ahmed is talented and can transform himself into any character; be it playing an alter ego like Sameera in Ishq Zahe Naseeb or a menacing Murad in Faryad, however not many have explored his witty side in dramas and if we go by his latest Instagram session with his fans, I guess it is time to cast him in a comedy drama or film.

The actor took to Instagram last night and announced that he will be answering fan queries for 30 minutes. He also wrote that they should “beware of possible sarcastic replies”. Fans started asking some of the most random, bizarre and even a few serious queries, however, Zahid was in full form and gave us reasons to laugh, although we were not expecting such sassy comebacks!



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Take a look at some of his replies and let us know if you also think he must have an excellent comic timing:


Sameera was quite popular…




Zahid replied to compliments with witty replies




Someone even wanted to know his take on Biryani & Aloo debate!



High on sarcasm




His favourite poli-what?



Zahid’s beard has an Insta fan page and is NOT happy!



And some lighthearted fun



He ended the session with a cute goodbye note as well: “Alright my lovely fans…my fingers are dead but my love for you will never stop…I’ve put in extra time but still not enough…let’s try to make this a regular practice? bohat shukria, love you all,” he wrote.