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The country woke up to yet another hashtag on Eid-ul-Azha, demanding justice for another innocent woman killed. Several women have become victims in the recent past, and the only thing that changes is the name.

Yasra Rizvi who recently gave birth to her first child, a baby boy, shared a strong message addressing the ongoing situation.

Taking to Instagram, the Churails star shared that she aims to raise a son who is kind, humane, fair, compassionate and respectful.

“A man with whom women, children, transgenders, other men, animals, every living being feels safe, who is not threatened by women and their agency, who doesn’t take their vulnerability as a license to exploit, whose first response is to empathize, who doesn’t blame the victim, who understands that human life is precious and not anyone’s to take, who knows that every human being has the right to choose, prosper and shine, who knows that he can’t touch or for that matter speak to anyone without their consent, who UNDERSTANDS that being a man is not a privilege it’s a responsibility!” she further added.




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Yasra went on to add that while there is no quick solution in sight, the plan should be to create a better future.

“I dont know what we can do about the monsters we live amidst or the sham of a society we are a part of at present other than protesting its very existence but we can change the future by starting today. Be more mindful while raising your sons, pay that extra attention to your boys and what they are getting away with, STOP them now from becoming the problem tomorrow.”

The actor and proud mom who calls herself  “feminist AF”, named her firstborn Ibn e Adam.

“Ibn e Adam, you my love, are the son of Adam .. being human is your only introduction and serving fellow beings is your only purpose .. rest is just detail .. have a great life!” she had shared announcing his birth.