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Nine people were injured on Wednesday when a security guard opened fire on the set of a television drama at a residence in DHA, Karachi. The guard, identified as Gul Bai, was arrested immediately.

It has been reported that and a small argument with the production crew over where to eat preceded the event.

“The crew members were having lunch on a porch in the parking area of the house, which had been rented out by a private production company. The security guard told them that the owner of the bungalow has restricted people from eating in the parking area and asked them to move,” South SSP Zubair Nazeer told a local daily.

When the crew members ignored the guard, this enraged him and he fired.

Actors Ushna Shah and Yasir Hussain who are vocal about issues that require attention addressed the matter and demanded justice.

“Crew members (who were shot at) are the first to arrive and the last to leave any set. They work tirelessly in the scorching heat and receive minimum wage. These are young boys trying to make a living. This was a deplorable incident and justice must be served!” wrote Ushna.




Yasir also used this as an opportunity to raise concerns about labour rights and equality.

“The guard didn’t shoot the actors or the producers at the shoot. But those poor workers that are working on set for Rs1,000 per day,” he wrote. “They’re not the ones sitting in the AC, and eat outside in the parking lot,” he further explained.

“With the guard, the production house should also be punished. This ugly system should be punished,” he suggested.