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Music maestro and the man behind Coke Studio, Rohail Hyatt during a Twitter interaction with a fan confirmed that despite a new season being in the works, he is not going to be managing it this time around. He also shared that he’s sure there are many suitable candidates, however, he feels producer, singer-songwriter, composer and guitarist Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan of Entity Paradigm and Call is the best option.

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Judging from a recent tweet by the official Coke Studio page, it seems that Xulfi will in fact be producing the upcoming season.



“Should we start,” initiated Coke Studio to which Xulfi responded with a smiling emoticon.



Following the Twitter exchange, fans shared their excitement, however, added that it is sad news for Nescafe Basement.



Xulfi has previously produced Hum Aik Hain for Coke Studio and was also roped into to do Coke Studio Explorer before it was called off in season 12.