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The glamorous Hina Butt has always been a welcome sight as Member of the Punjab Assembly; it’s always good to see educated, emancipated and independent women in politics. She’s also a fashion designer, operating under the label Teena by Hina Butt. Hina showed at fashion week back in 2015 and is a regular at social events in Lahore; her Instagram also regularly features her luxury holidays all over the world.

Hina’s recent limited edition collection, dedicated to Maryam Nawaz, however has gotten more visibility than anything she has ever designed before. Immediately after the arrests of former PM Nawaz Sharif and his daughter and political heir, Maryam Nawaz, Hina launched a limited edition collection of tunics called #MN; the tunics boast slogans like ‘Mera Faisal Sirf Maryam’ and feature etches of Maryam Nawaz.

We don’t want to get into the politics of the tunics or the idea behind the collection – they are obvious tools of political campaigning and will be picked up by PML-N supporters alone – but our bigger issue is with the aesthetics of the kurtas.

Let’s take a look…



These statement tees feature Maryam Nawaz as Pride of Pakistan.



This blue tunic plays a bit with style and adds a little detailing. It’s pretty ugly though. We don’t think Maryam Nawaz, who at least has good taste, would approve.



This pink tunic is a little easy on colour and style but we’re not a fan of full forms of people on kurtas because you end up with their anatomy on different parts of your anatomy and it doesn’t always add up elegantly.



The lovely Hina Butt models this pop art version of her #MN tunic and it’s got all symbols of PML-N in full glory: you can see the sher, Nawaz Sharif and various versions of Maryam Nawaz. It’s definitely more artsy.

We really don’t think Maryam Nawaz, who appears to have good taste, would approve of these kurtas. That said, we do think they may add an interesting dimension to the election campaign. For PML-N supporters, of course.


Disclaimer: Hina Butt’s collection has been reviewed entirely on aesthetic standards and we do not want to be trolled for either promoting or condemning the politics of PML-N.