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Ahad Raza Mir made his debut in Sammi last year and with his recent role in  Yaqeen Ka Safar, proved that he’s here to stay! He also won Best Actor at the Lux Style Awards this year for his role as Dr Asfandyar opposite Sajal Aly. The talented new actor is winning hearts and has his fans impatient to see him in his upcoming projects; Parwaaz Hay Junoon and Aangan.

“Winning Lux was a big deal for me; especially the fact that I was nominated along such great actors in our industry,” Ahad told Instep in a recent interview.

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Being a man who gives credit where credit is due, he thanked everyone who supported him win the award and helped him reach where he is, including his co-star Sajal.

“It made me feel proud that my grandfather’s name is still remembered. I am very grateful for all of it. Unfortunately, the response from within the media, specifically people who I have always looked up to, disheartened me.”

He was nominated along with some of the biggest names in the industry such as veteran actors, Adnan Siddiqui and Naumaan Ijaz.

“We make such a big statement about who is new and we make sure to constantly remind them, rather than support them in the journey. If the point of an award is to celebrate good work, then we should all be supportive. Winning the award opened my eyes to a lot of things but regardless, I will always have tremendous respect for all and would like to thank the industry and my fans for celebrating my success.”

Ahad also spoke of what being an actor means to him and the importance of social media.

“For me, it stems from a deeper meaning of what this line of work means. My family has been a part of it for quite a few generations now and I am very proud of that. But I think Pakistan has more celebrities than it has actors. A lot has changed with the introduction of social media; I disagree that staying active on social media is a part of our job.

We have to agree with what Ahad is saying. We wish you more success Ahad and hope you grow as an actor and help the industry grow further!