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Renowned singer Tina Sani recently made it to the UK to participate in the London edition of the Lahore Literature Festival, where she performed her art in the British Library auditorium.

On this occasion, she spoke to Fifi Haroon at the BBC studio about her songs, her future projects, and if she’d ever sing item songs! Tina, who previously sung for Ho Mann Jahaan talked about what kinds of songs she’d want to do and what she’d never do.

“I’ve heard all item songs and they are fun, and there’s nothing wrong with it,” Tina told Fifi when she asked if she’s heard the item song, ‘Munni Badnaam.’ “However, there’s a place for everything, and who am I to question it?  Personally, I will not sing songs like ‘Munni’ or ‘Sheila’.

The singer, however, did also reveal what type of songs she wants to do in the future.

“I’ll tell you what I’d like to do, some loose-y slow songs on the piano!” Tina said.