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The much-awaited version of Maula Jatt starring Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Humaima Malick is expected to be out soon. However, before it even gets a release date, it seems the team behind the film is already rooting for it to hit the 100 Crore mark.

In a recent interview with a renowned blog, writer of the upcoming film Nasir Adeeb claimed that he has already ‘informed’ the director, Bilal Lashari, that if his film doesn’t touch 100-crore mark, it’s a flop.

Although the film is yet to release even a teaser, it seems Nasir Adeeb is heavily confident on his penmanship. He also mentioned how there’s a difference between the 1979 original and the upcoming version.

“The difference between the first Maula Jatt and the upcoming film is same as the one between an evening of 1979 and a morning of 2018,” he said. “Those who watched the film in 1979 and have now stopped watching films will definitely watch this one to see what the new team has done with it.”

The writer also mentioned that there is a huge difference between the audiences of then and now.

“Those who watched the 1979 film, their children will be watching the upcoming Maula Jatt,” he added. “They think rationally and logically and don’t approve of anything that doesn’t make sense. This is the difference between the stories of the two films.”

Will the film have that Midas touch and be the first film to reach the 100-Crore-Club in Pakistan? We’ll have to wait and see…