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The Lux Style Awards (LSAs) are right around the corner and after hitting a bit of a road bump, preparations to put up yet another grand show are in full swing.

Have you ever wondered, though, who has won the most number of LSAs? Well, the thought crossed our mind so we dug into the LSA archives and got our hands on the list of all the winners ever since the first edition of the coveted award ceremony took place in 2002.

And here’s the interesting part.

Humayun Saeed, Nabila, Khaadi and Noman Ijaz have each won 10 LSAs till date! Humayun won his first LSA in 2003 when he was nominated in the Best Actor category for Chandani Raatein. He has since taken home a total of six Best Actor trophies and four trophies as producer of various television and film projects that he’s delivered over a period of 15 years.

Noman Ijaz has won 10 Best TV Actor trophies – the highest in that category. His first win came in 2002 and he won his last LSA in 2014 for Dil Awaiz. Khaadi too won their first LSA in 2002 and have been successful in taking home many more trophies since.

Last year Nabila announced that her team will no longer be competing at LSAs after having won 10 times. Her gesture to take on the role of mentor instead of a competitor earned her heaps of praise but that also means she won’t be taking home any more LSA trophies.

Although, at the moment, there’s a tie between Humayun, Noman, Khaadi and Nabila, it seems that Humayun may take a lead and set a new record as the artist to have the most LSA wins at this year’s show. How? Well, he has two nominations this year. One in Best Actor category for Punjab Nahi Jaungi and the other as producer in Best Film category also for Punjab Nahi Jaungi. Seeing that Khaadi has one nomination, Noman isn’t nominated this year and Nabila isn’t competing anymore while Humayun is a strong contender for both his categories; we won’t be surprised if he goes on to create LSA history this year!

Your thoughts?