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As much as Eid is about celebrations, devouring delicious meals and meeting family, there also exists the need and desire to unwind, relax, and find something entertaining to catch on television if you’re a homebody, without having to make much effort. While Netflix has most of our TV needs covered, we also love the local Eid programming that provides a relief from socially relevant (thus depressing) drama serials and offers you shameless entertainment. We sometimes need to forget the woes and have a good laugh; and when it comes to Eid entertainment, we have you covered!

All channels are promoting their own Eid shows these days but here are 5 telefilms that we feel may just stand out…

1. Apna Khana Khud Garam Karo



The telefilm Apna Khaana Khud Garam Karo has a rather fun name, inspired by the famous Aurat March, if we may add. Starring in the lead roles are Aiman Khan, Affan Waheed and Nadia Khan. It’s an ARY production directed by Kashif Saleem and written by Fazila Iftikhar.

Something Haute
 spoke to actor Aiman Khan on what we should expect from the telefilm. She said, “Interestingly, this telefilm is not dogmatically feministic against what the name suggests. It is real, witty and intelligent and it defies the unreal ideology of feminism. And yet the message is put across in a light-hearted but impactful way.”

Sounds like a fun watch we should all be looking forward to.


2. Dino Ki Dulhania



After the critically acclaimed drama Khaani, the much talked about on-screen couple Feroze Khan and Sana Javed return with a light hearted family drama, Dino Ki Dulhania. With this, Mehreen Jabbar returns to television with her directorial venture post film Dobara Phir Se.

The lead cast includes Feroze Khan, Sana Javed and the gorgeous Shamim Hilaly to name a few. This entertainer is written by Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt and will be aired on Geo at 8:00pm on the first day of Eid. Promises to be fun.

Are you excited?


3. Breakup Ke Baad



Breakup Ke Baad is an upcoming telefilm starring Ushna Shah and Shahzad Sheikh in the lead roles. Directed by Ahmed Bhatti and written by Mohsin Ali, this one revolves around the fun and complexity of human relationships as the name very well suggests.

“It’s full of emotion, romance and comedy and how we should never let our egos come in between our relationships,” actor Shehazad Sheikh said.

Although Shehzad and Ushna have previously worked in the drama Alif Allah aur Insaan, this is the duo’s first project together and it’s all set to air on Hum TV.

Their on-screen chemistry looks great and we are looking forward to this project.


4. Mere Ghar Aayegi Baraat



After the iconic Dolly Ki Aayegi Baraat, this Eid will deliver Mere Ghar Aayegi Baraat starring Ahmed Ali Butt, Nadia Hussain and Komal Aziz. Not much has been revealed about the plot of the telefilm but we are assuming it’s a comedy and will be a riot!

This will air on ARY Digital.


5. Hum Chalay Aye



Hum Chalay Aye is another directorial venture by maestro Mehreen Jabbar, and will be her second project this Eid. The telefilm has been penned by Mohammad Ahmad and includes an experienced cast like Marina Khan,  Arjumand Azhar, Hina Dilpazeer and Khalid Nizami, to name a few. The telefilm is a beautiful story of happy-go-lucky characters integrated into a family. As the name suggests, the plot revolves around the attitude of Pakistani families, their love for each other and how they often visit unannounced.

Sounds quite relatable, doesn’t it?

We hope you’ll enjoy watching tele films while chilling on Eid. Which ones are you looking forward to?