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While things have been abuzz with Coke Studio’s tenth season releasing next month, a major source of attention has been Danyal Zafar’s music debut. While many are divided on whether the artist is onboard simply because he is Ali Zafar’s brother or whether he has genuine talent, that is something we’ll have to wait and see. From what we’ve heard, he does have spark.

We also know that Danyal’s Coke Studio debut will be a duet with none other than Momina Mustehsan, who rose to fame with her own Coke Studio debut last year. We’re intrigued at the pairing because they are both relatively new (historically CS pairs a debutante with an established artiste) and we can’t help wondering if it’s because of their personal chemistry. Danyal and Momina were once very close but had a falling out sometime back. Luckily things seem to be all well again!

Momina’s rendition of ‘Afreen Afreen’ with the legendary Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is her claim to fame but she really hasn’t been able to follow it up with anything substantial. Danyal also has a fan following of his own (he’s done TVCs for brands like Djuice and Sprite) but one can’t help wondering whether that too is because of his rock star brother, Ali Zafar. Last we heard, Danyal was also working on his debut album, so this will indeed be the beginning of the young Zafar’s upcoming music career.