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Those of us committed to fashion and style have, since July 25, been wondering what Imran Khan – Pakistan’s PM-elect – will wear for his oath taking ceremony on August 18 (tomorrow). This is a politician’s Oscar moment, only rarer, bestowed only on a lucky few. Some very lucky devils have enjoyed the spotlight twice (BB and NS) but we don’t even remember what Nawaz Sharif wore for his oath taking; it was that non-descript. We do remember Benazir Bhutto’s green Maheen Khan shalwar kameez, worn in 1988 with what became her signature white scarf. Also chosen by Maheen Khan, the white dupatta was a soft poly-cotton muslin that wouldn’t slip off her head.

Imran Khan, however, will not go for designer wear for his swearing in. Neither will he get fabric customized with his initials, ref: Narinder Modi (remember that?). We honestly thought that either Amir Adnan (who was on television commenting on what Khan should wear) or HSY (who was photographed with Abbas Jafri at Bani Gala) would design the sherwani; either would have been a great choice. One has designed for statesmen and the other for stars. But it turned out that Khan, on an austerity drive, did not even agree to wear a new sherwani made by the traditional PM House tailors, Jalil Tailors (who have been making ceremonial sherwanis for four decades).


Benazir Bhutto was sworn in as first woman Prime minister of Pakistan and of the Muslim world on 2 December 1988.


Mr Jalil confirmed, in an interview with Express Tribune, that they were asked to make a new sherwani and then a new waistcoat but then both orders were cancelled as the PM-elect didn’t want to wear new clothes.

‘The Emperor’s Old Clothes’…

Maybe this will start a new trend. We know that Hamza Ali Abbasi, IK’s biggest fan, already recycles his red carpet looks. We’d advise grooms to recycle their father and grand father’s sherwanistoo.

We’re happy that IK is recycling and setting a new trend. We just hope it’s not the gold number he wore to his wedding to Reham Khan.

PS. We think he looks better in a waistcoat