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Abdullah Kadwani, CEO 7 Sky Entertainment and producer of hit drama serial Khaani (which has broken all previous records, but that’s an entirely different story) has confirmed that they have shot three different endings for the serial. He disclosed this in a meeting we had with him and Asad Qureshi, co-producer of the hit serial, to discuss the dynamics of the play.

“We are about to make history with Khaani,” the producer said, when discussing how a story line that has hardcore political undertones, had been topping the ratings charts ever since it began. “The ending is complicated because it’s not a love story that can be given a straightforward happy ending. This ending has to be realistic.”

There is immense social pressure from fans, he said.


“People having started betting about the ending,” says Abdullah Kadwani, seen here with Feroze Khan, Sana Javed, Anjum Shahzad and others.


“We’ve never seen people advocating for the villain,” he said. “People are sympathetic for the villain; they want to see Feroze Khan pardoned. Infact they want to see him with Khaani. He’s a criminal. He’s a killer. And yet people are sending me private messages to somehow save him. It’s unbelievable.”

All scenes shot between Mir Hadi (Feroze Khan) and Khaani (Sana Javed) were hate-scenes, he added. They softened them with fantasy; all romantic scenes between the two were dream sequences and fantasy but people started reading too much into them and started taking them seriously. They started believing the fantasy as reality.

“We have to be fair to the purpose of the play,” Kadwani said, adding that they had shot three endings, and the selected ending would be decided over the next, last three episodes.

Will public opinion influence the chosen ending, I asked?

“No. We have to decide what is right. If I go with public opinion, then we’ll have to get them married. We have to set an example here.”